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Karla Menéndez Designs launched back in Puerto Rico in 2014 with a runway show as part of DASAN Fashion Academy's anniversary. Taking advantage of the momentum the fashion show gave me, I started reaching out to stores and I currently provide my clothes and jewelry to two stores in Puerto Rico ("Aguja local" and "Tereques"). However, Life took and unexpected turn and I moved to Texas. This put a pause on my clothing line for lack of time and everything that goes with moving from one country to another. Since clothing does take a lot more time, I decided to focus more on my Jewelry and that's when I started  making resin pendants again. I was already an enthusiastic  Etsy buyer so why not use it as my platform?  The idea of fashion illustrations on pendants came about as I was sitting on my desk, making fashion illustrations and writing a positive messages around the illustration like "hardworking, fighther..." just encouraging words that would describe women and then it hit me! Why not make tiny illustrations that I could use for pendants? I know I love wearing positive reminders! This is precisely what distinguishes me from other jewelry makers:  It's an original tiny fashion illustration that can be personalized to an individual's qualities. Use my pendants as a special gift to encourage others or as a reminder to yourself. I have a bangle that says "creativity takes courage" because you know, creative careers do take a lot of courage and sometimes we forget along the way. Let's be positive!

My line will expand again to clothing, specifically hand painted clothing, and other accessories. Karla Menéndez strives to send a positive message, create timeless pieces you would love to wear and slow down the fast fashion industry one happy customer at a time.

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