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Get a glimpse of my work in progress, what inspires me and how everything gets started and gets finished. Join me in this creative journey as I walk you through pictures of my life as a Designer. 

This is how the pendant Idea got started, by making fashion illustrations with a a message of empowerment.

Ever wondered how the pendants are made? I literally draw inside these little squares, rectangles and ovals. I have a stencil with the shape of the pendant molds. This is how the pendants look when they are just drawings over paper.

This is the Frida Screen print I Designed to print on Totes and T-shirts. When I was done using the drawing fluid, I put the screen against the light and I thought it made a wonderful picture.

This is the beginning of the Frida screen. I was painting the design using drawing fluid. I drew over the silk with a pencil and then went over it with a small brush, a lot of patience and drawing fluid. It was a great process and I was very happy with the results.

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