I have to start by admitting that yellow is (or was)  my least favorite color. However, when I decided to make this mini-collection of women that are fierce, go-getters, achievers, energetic and inspiring, yellow was the perfect color to embrace all of those qualities. Yellow represents sunshine, happiness, stands for freshness, positivity, clarity, energy and did you know it is the most noticeable of all colors by the human eye?  I started liking yellow a lot more when I was watching Project Runway season 15 and designer Erin just wowed me with her outstanding use of bright yellow in her designs. It was mind blowing to me. I never thought yellow could look so good in clothes; I had always stayed away from that obnoxious color so Thank You Erin for making me love yellow. 


All this to tell you that Yellow was the perfect color that would embrace all the qualities that these ladies represent. Some of these ladies don't have a descriptive word on them, but the image depicts my concept. For example, the lady with blue hair has a crown of roses. That alone is a statement, as well as the lady in the turbant. The Yellow crowd is my way to send a possitive message and praise the strong women out there who wake up everyday and decide to make it work against all adversities.  You get up, try, get beat down, pick up the pieces and try it all over again untill it works  all while keeping your integrity.

  This was quite a personal endeavor and I loved designing these mini fashion illustrations for you to carry as a personal reminder that you are intense, you are fierce, vibrant, kind and much more. To all my boss ladies out there, You are, you can and you will.