Don't have pattern paper? Here are 3 alternatives

Groceries paper bags! these ones specifically are from Aldi, they are very nice and sturdy to make patterns with . All you have to do is cut them open, lay them flat using the side that is not printed. Place the pattern you want to transfer on top of the paper bag and sandwich tracing paper underneath with the chalky side facing the paper bag. Trace the pattern with a tracing wheel and voilá! you got yourself a nice and sturdy pattern paper and its recycled.

Medical paper

This is the option I have used the most, before the Aldi paper bags. I buy it from amazon. It's cheap, its super easy to just place the medical paper on top of your sewing pattern and trace it. Not only that, you can fold it and store it in small manila envelopes. Easy peasy!

cons: medical paper is very delicate, it can tear easily. In the picture bellow, I'm placing the medical paper over a bathing suit pattern I wanted to trace.


This would be my last resort since drawing and labeling over newspaper can be a little confusing but if its the only thing you have in hand, it will do the job! Just tape pages together and use the tracing paper and tracing wheel method.

If this was helpful to you, share the information with your sewing friends!

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