Gone for the holidays!

as some of you noticed, I have be absent. I have not posted a new tutorial, a new blog post or even a new picture on social media other than my Thanks giving family picture and the robe I made for my son. I have lacked consistency, but can we all agree that 2020 has been a rough year, to say the least?

Somewhere at the end of this year, I got consumed by my job at the school and took care of everyone but myself. I was just working at the school and working at home. I did not set time to sew, and sewing is my self-care. Anxiety made its way at night time, and I could not find a way out of this vicious cycle but to wait until the last day of school and start my much needed winter break. (bye, bye zoom meetings!) I started my break with a visit to the Zoo and back at the space I joyfully created to share my sewing journey with you.

As I pull myself together, I'm also taking a mental break and setting the intention to mindfully enjoy the holidays and start sewing and creating new content for the blog, open the online shop and new episodes for the podcast. I need to nurture my craft and as a result, I nurture myself too because the burn out is real y'all! please appreciate the teachers is your life, we go through so much at the school since COVID changed everything and put unimaginable amounts of pressure. Need a hint? Give you kid's teacher a gift card for the holidays or a box of Ferrero chocolates, that sure made my last day at the school better!

In the mean time, I will just share the few things I was able to squeeze in time to make starting with my Oslo cardigan from Seamwork

(Oslo cardigan toile made from a thrifted bed sheet)

I have never used any winter fabrics, because, as an island girl I never needed winter clothes, so this was diving into new waters and I wanted to go easy on myself and I thought fleece would be a good starting point. I made the oslo cardigan in this bright red, double sided fleece, that I got from Mood fabrics. The pattern was so easy to follow and make! I only had a little trouble with the cuff, when I tested the pattern and made a toil, so I decided not to make the cuff on my fleece cardigan. I wear this all the time at home, is so warm, cozy and soft against my skin.

I liked working with fleece so I decided to make something for my son, and bought this cute moose fleece fabric from Joanne's and used the pattern from Melly sews to make this cute robe! I even used the leftovers to make a matching stocking. I loved this pattern so much I went back to Joann's and bought a dinosaur fleece fabric to make him another robe with a matching pillow as a Christmas gift and I don't have a picture of that one because as soon as I finished it I wrapped it for Christmas and put it away. Talk about working like an elf!

(my adorable son loving his robe)

I still had some leftovers from the dinosaur fleece, so one day as we were heading out, I told my husband to give me five minutes so I could whip up a scarf for our son because it was really cold. I have never made a scarf before but I thought, Its just a rectangle right? so using the leftover fleece fabrics, I just folded a rectangle lengthwise to my desired length and width, sewed along the long edge, turned inside out and cut some fringe and voila! its not perfect, I know It could be better, but not bad for my first try in five minutes time right? I pat myself on my back and called it a day.

but guess what? I still had leftover fleece and now it was just driving me crazy because I really don't like to buy fabric when I have a stash so I need to finish what I have so I can move on to something else. I went to Peek-a-boo patterns (my favorite place to go to for kids patterns) and I found a pattern for mittens, a perfect fleece project! I started a mitten and like 3 weeks later I started the other one but hey, I did it and my son loved it.

...and if you are wondering I still have leftover fleece! (frustrated face) I swear it seams like I bought 10 yards and its annoying me. I can't move forward until I'm done with this fleece. Help? I'm totally unmotivated to continue working with this fabric, I just want to move to the next thing but it looks like my next post will be somewhere along the lines of "Everything I made with my leftover fleece"

Until then, I will be simply enjoying this work-free break, being mindful, present and resetting myself for the road ahead.

Merry Christmas!

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