Simple Men's shirt Transformation

I always go to the men’s section at the thrift store and see what fabric catches my attention. Recently, I brought home two large size, men’s button down shirts. I believe they each cost me about four dollars. Not bad right? and I absolutely love the Monstera plant,I love the motif itself on anything and that is mainly why I bought this fabric.

I had planned to go above and beyond with his shirt but that night, my son decided not to go to sleep until 11:30pm and so my design plans changed and I decided to go for something super simple, that I could make in what I had left of the night.

Here is what I did, step by step:

For the front pattern, I took one of my favorite blouses and placed it over my pattern paper and traced around it, except for the neckline. I added ½ inch seam allowance at the shoulders, arm hole and side seams after tracing. Take into consideration if you need to add a couple of inches from the sides for a loose fit. I did the same steps for the back pattern, just traced my shirt, including the neckline and added seam allowance.

I decided to go for a V neck and keep the button placket so I marked 6 inches down from the center front to create the V neck, making sure that button placket was at the very center of the V neck.

Then, I took the shirt and started cutting the side seams all the way up to the sleeves so that I could separate the front and back pieces. I placed my front pattern, aligning the v neck with the button placket and cut it. Then I used the back side of the shirt, placed the back pattern piece and cut it.

Now that you have your pieces cut out, you can go ahead and hem the front and back neckline

by folding over twice, pinning and sewing.

Next step is to place front piece and back piece, with right sides together, and stitch at the shoulder seams and side seams. I did a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Serge the raw edges.

Now all you have to do is hem the arm hole. Ideally I would have cut bias tape from the same fabric to finish the arm hole, but I was already too late and I was tired so I decided to just hem the arm hole by folding it over twice.

ALL DONE! Now all you have to do is hem the shirt, put your new creation on and snap some pictures. Preferably at a time when you are not tired, like me.

You would be all done, unless of course, you decided to make a matching mask to go with it! because why not? I used the pattern from See Kate Sew and used the sleeve of the shirt to cut out my mask pieces.

My face is rather small so I used the big kid version of this mask and fits perfectly.

I placed the pattern on the fabric making sure I got the monstera leaf on one side of the mask, and the rest of the leaves on the other half.

I used a 1/2 inch bias tape maker to create a strap to hold my mask on my neck. For this, you cut a 1 inch wide strip by however long you want the strap to be. You place the strip inside the bias tape maker and you iron it as you pull. Then you fold it half, iron it and top stitch it really close to the edge. This makes the strap abought a ¼ inch wide. Now you loop it through the elastic and stitch.

ok, now you are all done!!!! This was almost a zero waste project. I have very little of the shirt left but I think I'm going to try and do a zero waste project for my next shirt transformation.

That’s it! Pretty simple right? If you do try this out please tag me on your pictures, I would love to see it!

Happy Sewing!

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